Intercultural competence is never innate, but acquired.

An experience alone is not enough to develop intercultural competences, still they require targeted instruction and education. Therefore, coaching and training are essential components of intercultural management.

Other countries, other customs - this saying has its justification.

Economic relations between Germany and Latin American countries have a long and successful tradition. Many German companies have been cooperating with Latin American partners or have for considerable time subsidiaries in this region. Nevertheless, there are always cultural misunderstandings in the cooperation. This begins at the first meeting: while the German business partner wants to quickly get to the "business" and the professional tasks, the Latin American partner wants first to meet his counterpart as a person and individual. It could take a lot of time that the German business visit may not have planned. Especially in the countries of Central and South America, the personal relationship between the business partners often plays a decisive role. Often it is only a minor issue in interacting with each other, which decide on the success or failure of a project. Expressed in everyday language, there are “faux pas” ready to happen, if someone knows too little about the other culture.

Intercultural know-how is thus the basis for business success in an international environment.

To move safely and successfully on the international stage, intercultural competences are an essential part, as many behaviours and decision patterns of successful employees do not lead to the same success in other cultural environments. Using proven intercultural coaching methods, we at SOL HR Consulting help you not only avoid the small clangers that lurk everywhere, but also develop a secure awareness of sensitivities and ways of thinking of people in Latin America.

Our trainings and coachings are not only dedicated for German personnel, but also, they are equally suitable for Latin-Americans, who have business relationships with German firms or are employed in German companies.

A generally valid formula for all countries in the world does not exist.

The tasks that have to be mastered in an intercultural training or coaching are as diverse as the cultures are. The tasks that must be mastered in an intercultural training or coaching are as diverse as the cultures are. Due to the considerable differences in each culture, it is necessary to set priorities and concentrate on a specific region. Hence, we are specialized in business relationships between Germany and Latin America. However, our trainings and coaching are not limited to provide you with information about specific country and culture in Latin America, but they also prepare you to respond to many challenges. We practice with your different situations, so that you can develop gradually a feeling for the sensitivities of your counterpart, grasp them and thus be able to take specific action.

So, it is clear that an intercultural competence does not only consist of having an idea of a country or culture at hand, nor about simply being abroad often, but an intercultural competence has to be trained in order to move from knowledge to action. That's exactly what we aim with our intercultural trainings and coachings: we capture the cultural peculiarities, in fact, in a very practical, authentic and comprehensible way.

SOL offers intercultural trainings in small groups and individualized and intensive coachings within the following core areas:

  • Country-specific preparation training: Latin America and Germany
  • Intercultural management for executives
  • Workshop team development
  • Impuls presentations
We are looking forward to hearing from you, we will gladly take the time to personally talk to you.

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